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Creative Kit "Enjoy yourself!" it is a special gift that you can give to a lonely friend.

The package contains Glass with foot, metal lighter in box, ashtray, a set of 6 colors for glass, a brush and a liner for glass and a bag with wooden wool, instructions and greeting card.


How do you proceed?

Buy the kit and personalize the glass objects as you like and thinking fondly of the person for whom you are preparing them.


When you have finished customizing the objects and dried them properly (Attention! Complete drying sometimes takes 24 hours), pour the wooden wool into the box and arrange the glass, ashtray and lighter so that it looks aesthetic, complete the card and place it back in the lid pocket. Save the colors and the brush for other future personalizations and give the unique gift to your friend, so that he can enjoy the moments of solitude in the most elegant and beautiful way possible!


The box is included in the price. The product can be purchased from the physical store (str. Belgrade 32A- Otopeni, delivered by courier (For a fee)  or free of charge in the area of North Bucharest, Otopeni, North Ilfov (in case of advance payment).


The St.Art collection is a series of kits made by Maria Zametheea to stimulate the creativity and originality of users, both buyers and beneficiaries. Art and Creation are the things that bring us closest to divinity and represent a form of education and self-education, today  available to anyone!


Using the kit stimulates eye-hand coordination, color balance, skill and the joy of using your body for a noble gesture!

Enjoy yourself kit

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